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Acoustical Panels and Enclosures

Power Generators, Industrial, Commercial, Transportation, Residential, Utility, and Military Noise Control Applications

IMI Acoustics´ Modular Acoustical Panels, Enclosures and Absorption Panels provide a cost effective solution to most airborne noise problems. These panels and enclosures ensure structural integrity while minimizing installation costs.

The finished panel system may be factory powder coated with several standard colors to provide a pleasing appearance or to match existing architectural colors.

Our standard Modular Acoustical Enclosure and Barrier Panels are constructed from carbon steel materials and are galvanized to ensure long life indoors or out. Various gauges of steel are used depending on the required transmission loss.

Typical Acoustical enclosure applications include diesel generator enclosures, HVAC plenum enclosures, equipment enclosures and processing line enclosures. The ease of installation allows for practically any design and size.

Our Modular Barrier Panels are made to provide a positive "shiplap" interlock between panels, which eases installation while providing the necessary torturous path for the required absorption and transmission loss values.

The modular design allows for easily accomplished customization on the job site without the inherent costs usually associated with custom panels.

Our Enclosure, Modular and Absorption Panels are typically filled with six pound per cubic foot density mineral wool which is vermin and moisture proof, will not promote growth of fungi or bacteria, and is non-hygroscopic. This makes them ideal for exterior placement in harsh environments while providing the necessary NRC value of 1.10.

Options such as acoustical doors, exhaust fans, intake/exhaust silencers and sight windows are available to complete any enclosure requirement.

Professional factory supervised installation is available for all acoustical products.

This section provides information on our standard line of panels and enclosures. For custom applications please contact the factory or one of our sales representatives for further information.



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