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Industries Served

IMI Acoustics, a division of Innovative Metal Industries, Inc. has products that are utilized by a wide variety of industrial, commercial, waste water treatment, tunnel ventilation and emergency/critical power users. Over the history of the company, the primary uses for our equipment have evolved along with the growth and development of those industries.


IMI Acoustics´ industrial products are ideally suited to the attenuation of any airborne noise typically found in harsh environments. These include, but not limited to, blower and vacuum pump intake/exhaust, TEFC Motors, scrubber exhausts, compressors, vents and blow-downs. All of these noise sources can be addressed using our proven Oxel® Spiral industrial silencers and our traditional baffle products.


IMI Acoustics' Oxel® Spiral commercial silencers are best suited to HVAC, cooling tower/chiller treatment, bag houses and installations that require high attenuation with low pressure drops in an extremely compact size. Our enclosure and panel systems provide high attenuation with quick disassembly for maintenance of the treated equipment. Our standard line of baffles silencers are an economical alternative when less performance is needed and/or more space is available.

Backup/Critical Power & Power Generation

Significant needs are being met in the emergency/critical power industry by the application of our efficient and compact Oxel® Spiral Silencer to the cooling/combustion intake air and exhaust cooling air typically mounted directly behind our architectural louvers. These high mechanical noise level installations have been effectively treated and tested in operation. We provide enclosures that can incorporate both types of silencers (Spiral and baffles) all based around packaged performance.

Tunnel, Emergency and Below-Grade Ventilation System

With the application of our Independent Lab tested NFPA 130 certified Oxel® Tunnel Ventilation Spiral Silencer, space savings goes hand in hand with performance typically found in a baffle silencer 4-5 times as long. This translates into huge project cost savings and performance that meets or exceeds NFPA 130 certifications.

WWTP/Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Plants and (Domestic) Water Treatment Plants can also be treated with IMIAC's entire range of products, including the Oxel® Spiral Silencer, in harsh environment construction materials which allow for safe and environmentally friendly operations. The sources of noise include blowers, scrubbers, motors and pumps.