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Tunnel, Emergency and
Below-Grade Ventilation Systems

Our heavy duty NFPA 130 certified tunnel ventilation spiral silencer modules incorporate the Oxel® spiral design in a heavy duty, galvanized construction specifically designed and independently lab tested to meet or exceed NFPA 130 Standard for Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail System tunnel ventilation standards per section 7.4.2.

They can be equipped with heavy duty duct casings and flanges to enclose the modules, manufactured to match the design criteria of the tunnel ventilation system in any conceivable airflow.

This application of the high attenuation, low pressure drop and small compact size (typically less than 24" long vs. a 10' long baffle) saves expensive physical room size (as much as 16 foot in length when installed on the intake and exhaust side of the tunnel fan) translating to huge cost saving in underground tunnels and fan rooms.

The bi-directional design also allows reversible fans to experience reverse flow without added pressure drops which is a common issue among baffle silencer assemblies



  • FGR In-Line Spiral Silencer [image]

Model MVA-HD
Tunnel Ventilation Silencer