Acoustically Treating Backup / Critical Power & Power Generation [image]

Acoustically Treating Backup / Critical Power & Power Generation

With the growth of standby, prime or peaking power installations in highly populated areas, mitigating generator noise has become an increasing issue. This combined with the on-going power upgrades which typically results in smaller spaces for larger generator sets, complicates this issue further by reducing spaces available for acoustical treatment.

The high attenuation, combined with lower pressure drops that the OXEL Spiral Silencers provide, fit many requirements that a standard, heavier, baffle silencer cannot.

The physically smaller size and weight of the Oxel Silencer, typically eliminates increased project costs for additional structural modifications and support normally required for standard baffle silencers. It allows placement in spaces too confined for the much longer baffle silencers, such as behind architectural louvers in the intake or exhaust plenums typically found on backup-critical power diesel generator installations.

Generator equipment relies on low pressure drops in cooling and combustion airflow paths to allow maximum output of the generator. The increasing size of the generators also increases the mechanical sound levels produced. These increased levels are making it harder to meet property line noise limits for operation and testing. Whether these generator sets run continuously as in prime power applications or occasionally in standby applications, their operating sound levels often must be reduced to comply with local, state or federal ordinances.

With maximum noise levels permitted at property lines that range from 45 dB(A) to 65 dB(A), depending upon location and zoning, and untreated generator set noise levels that approach 115 dB(A) or more, it is clear that generator set mechanical noise, mitigation is a subject of great importance.

Our Oxel Spiral Silences have been applied to many types of installations including:

  • Diesel generator Intake and discharge for cooling and combustion air
  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Systems
  • Gas Turbine Intake combustion air
  • Compressors

Our unique and highly efficient Oxel Spiral Silencers can provide an economical and high performing solution.
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