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With “non-leasable space” mechanical rooms shrinking and heat loads of HVAC installations growing, the compact size and efficiency of the IMI Acoustics´ Oxel Spiral commercial silencers are ideally suited to the HVAC market. They allow placement in the tightest of spaces (generally where a longer, less efficient baffle silencer won’t fit) while providing high attenuation and low pressure drops to reduce energy loads on fans.

Cooling tower/chiller installations include the application of our Oxel Spiral commercial silencers on the intake and exhaust. Their low pressure drops allow for maximum cooling capacity, high attenuations and low weights for fan deck top installation.

Our enclosure and panel system makes for a great compliment by providing high TL’s, low weights, ease of installation (thereby reducing installation costs) and provide quick disassembly for maintenance of the treated equipment.

Please contact our factory for specifications and design.