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Who We Are

IMI Acoustics, a division of Innovative Metal Industries, Inc. manufactures, in the USA, a complete line of acoustical products including the Oxel® line of Spiral Silencers, baffle and circular silencers, acoustical louvers, architectural louvers and dampers, sound enclosures, sound panels and a Modular Acoustical Panel System that is used in outdoor barrier and enclosure applications.

These products are manufactured in a "State of the Art" fabrication facility that includes the latest processes available including an acoustical testing section that tests custom designed units for performance and capabilities.

Our Oxel® line of Spiral Silencers have been in use for over 30 years in tens of thousands of applications, in the most harsh environments imaginable including: Incinerator exhausts, HVAC applications (including clean room environments), intake and exhaust cooling air for diesel generator units, tunnel ventilation, laboratory hood exhausts, large hp TEFC motors, bag house exhaust stacks, high-pressure blower intakes and exhausts, fan intake and exhausts, safety valve testing, steam bleed and blow off applications, waste water treatment facilities, oil field/chemical plant applications and a variety of other types of installations that have airflow and noise problems. Where high noise reduction, low pressure drop and/or limited space and weight are of paramount concern, the Oxel® Spiral Silencers are unparalleled in performance.

Our traditional baffle silencers, architectural and acoustical louvers, dampers and panel systems have been tested and designed to be the most economical, structurally sound and easiest to install products available. We manufacturer a wide array of styles and types to fit any application or performance requirements.

The Modular Panel system uses a unique positive interlocking system that allows ease of installation and the ability to disassemble to provide a large access for equipment maintenance. These Modular Panels are typically used on outdoor noise problems such as cooling towers, HVAC condensers and chillers, compressors, blowers and dust collection systems that create noise problems with the surrounding area.

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