Acoustical Products [image]

Noise Control Products

IMI Acoustics, a division of Innovative Metal Industries, Inc. provides acoustical offerings that encompass several product types and styles. This includeds our innovative and highly efficient line of Oxel® Spiral Silencers, traditional baffle and circular silencers, acoustical louvers and our acoustical panels, enclosures and barriers.

As you will see from the associated product specification sheets and photographs our Oxel® Spiral, which provides tremendous attenuation and low pressure drop, (in a very compact size) has been applied to a wide range of noise problems. These applications encompass cooling air inlet and outlet silencers on critical and emergency backup power generators, NFPA 130 certified tunnel ventilation, scrubber exhaust (in both stainless steel and FRP), HVAC, TEFC motors, blower intake/exhaust and gas turbine intake/exhaust. To handle tough atmospheres, we can apply a Mylar coating to our fiberglass-based insulation for clean room applications down to class 100 and PVC coatings to stainless steel for resistance to caustics.

Our traditional Baffle Silencer offerings encompass a wide array of economical standard baffle silencers used on HVAC, industrial and commercial applications worldwide.

IMIAC's acoustical louvers include both airfoil and flat bladed designs to meet any typical application requiring outside air intakes or exhausts.

The innovative line of Modular Acoustical Panels and Barriers incorporates a unique and modular lightweight interlocking design that makes for simplified assembly and erection while providing STC ratings up to and including STC 49. This provides for customization of maintenance free barriers and sound walls without the normally associated cost of a custom designed product. The modular design and simple erection/disassembly feature allows scheduled maintenance of enclosed equipment and does not restrict access. It also makes the walls movable from site to site and allows re-use of panels.

IMIAC's acoustical enclosure panels are always pre-engineered to exacting specifications and include a complete easy to install system. Providing acoustical, air tight features that are constructed from G90 galvanized steel, they are welded to exact standards.

Our Acoustical Absorption Panels provide a NRC value of 1.0 while simplifying installation and attachment to existing indoor and outdoor walls. This flexibility and economy, without compromise of quality, has again proven IMI Acoustics as the innovator in the acoustical industry.