High Velocity Silencers [image]

Spiral Attenuator Penthouse

In another adaptation of the functional Oxel MVA Silencer, the SSP Penthouse is a complement to our line of penthouses and ventilators. It brings the high performance attenuation and low pressure drop of the Oxel Silencer, while eliminating the need for an architectural louver. Also by removing the architectural louver the louvers pressure drop is negated which reduces the required overall size of the silencer package.

Another great feature is the SSP Penthouse stands just 40” tall thus reducing added wind loading and preventing increased roof parapet heights. The SSP can be built to nearly any size required and is shipped modulated for easy assembly in the field. It is waterproof and self flashing to many roof types when used with a standard flat roof platform.


  • High Velocity/High Impact  Silencer - SV Series [image]

Intake / Relief Attenuated Penthouse