TEFC Motor Silencers & Tubular Exhaust Silencers [image]

Horizontal TEFC Motor Silencers
& Tubular Exhaust Silencers

Our TEFC Motor Silencers are used on the inlet end of all horizontal TEFC motors to quiet the sound radiating from the internal cooling fan. The fans on TEFC motors are typically the sound source for offending levels. These VA units are especially suited for applications where space behind machinery is limited or is important to preserve access.
They can be adapted to any and all sizes of TEFC motors from 10HP through 4000HP motors. They typically provide between 35-50 dba of attenuation and do not restrict the required airflow of the motors on which they are installed. All of our VA Series silencers incorporate our innovative Oxel® Spiral.
Please refer to the "TEFC Size/Selection" chart for proper sizing based on airflow and HP.

The Tubular Exhaust Silencers accept the airflow exhausted radially from the shaft side of a TEFC and direct it through a series of acoustical fins. They allow maintenance by their “clamshell” design and bolt on installation.


  • TEFC Spiral Silencer [image]

TEFC Spiral Silencer



  • TEFC Tubular Exhaust Silencer [image]

TEFC Tubular Exhaust Silencer


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Inlet Adapter Option Chart

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