Round Spiral Silencers [image]

Round Spiral Silencers

The efficient and lightweight OXEL FGR Spiral Silencers are used in various applications and configurations. They primarily include installations requiring a round silencer as used as in-line applications for HVAC ducts, Waste Water Treatment Plants airflow applications, vacuum dust collection, blowers, burner inlet and exhausts and stack silencers. They can also be provided with end of run orientations for blower intake/exhaust applications, stack top exhausts and intakes, vertical TEFC Motor silencers and such by the use of adapters/transitions and rain caps. The versatility of the FGR series lends itself to various stack applications with low wind loading and lightweight construction. Please contact the factory for specific recommendations.


  • FGR In-Line Spiral Silencer [image]

FGR In-Line Spiral Silencer



  • Intake / Exhaust Silencer [image]

Intake / Exhaust Silencer